What is VoIP Phone System? How Internet Telephony is Important for Business?

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How 3-way calls with VoIP function - Internet Telephony System 


            Every business wants the best array of features to achieve a proficient level of working. One such feature includes conference call. Having feature of conference call whether audio or video can make it easier to meet up with clients, have presentations, conduct training seminar and to fulfill many other tasks. PSTN landlines also provide this feature but it always has been quite costly and only business of large scale could afford it. There is no doubt that VoIP has revolutionized the communication paradigm by improving every feature including conference calling, consequently making it accessible to every type and size of business.

            Most people tend to think that conference calling is a synonym for 3-way calling however, that is not the case. We will discuss how the two features differ in nature.

3-Way Calling vs. Conference Calling

            In technical terms 3-wat calling is just a subset of conference calling but the catch is that in 3-way calling you can only have three participants. Majority of VoIP providers in the market offer conference calling, where the number of participants can be in between 4 to 30.

            One of the major differences between 3-way calling and conference calling is of initiation time. 3-way calling is a lot easier to initiate as compared to conference calling. For example, if a manager is talking to an employee from sales but wants another employee from billing to be involved then he will only have to press a few button to initiate a 3-way call. Unlike conference calls most 3-way calls are spontaneous in nature and are not usually set up in advance. 3-way calling is most useful when you realize that there is a need for a third party during the call for certain information.

            In comparison, every conference call is almost always pre-planned and configured. With the globalization it has become hard to hold conference calls in person. Therefore, now every business uses virtual conference calling rather than in person meeting. The person hosting the conference can share their screen with other participants. Conference calling can be audio or video depending on the devices used by participants.

When 3-Way Calling is used?

            While discussing 3-way calling it is also important to know when it is used. This feature can be very useful for the employees as it allows them to share information with other workers instantly. For example, a customer support representative can turn a normal call into a three-way call with an expert to solve a pressing issue. The representation can also share information with manager to solve the problem in a better way.

            With 3-way calling you are in control of who enters and leaves the call. You can add an employee whenever you need their input and you can carry on your call with the first person after the third party leaves the call. There are several reasons in which 3-way calling becomes the appropriate solution. For example, your team is working on a new project and holds a conference every week for work updates and to keep everyone on track. But, with 3-way calling the employees can do impromptu calls for any unseen issue. Another example would be, an employee from sales department is talking to an employee from billing and during the call they want to discuss something with the supervisor then they can initiate a spontaneous 3-way calling. And, the employees can continue to talk to each other after the supervisor exits the call. 3-way calling is an example of how VoIP can save time and increase productivity.

What is the cost of 3-way calling?

            3-way calling costs depend on several different factors. VoIP calls among employees of same business are free since the calls are not traveling on the public network. Most of the provider might not charge you for 3-way calling if the participants of the call are from the same company. However, even if one participant is from external source then you may get charged for long distance calling.

How to start VoIP 3-Way Calling?

            You can turn any regular call into a 3-way call but the method can be different for every provider and the device. Employees can also make 3-way calls using smart phones, computers or SIP desk phones. But, every service plan can have different restrictions or considerations.

            You can add a third party to any regular calls through these steps.

  • First, you have to place the call on hold. (Every Internet Telephone has its own key for holding the call).
  • Call the third participant when you hear the dial tone
  • When they answer you can tell them about the 3-way before you add to the regular call
  • If the third participant doesn’t answer you can just go back to the call.

            Most of the providers already offer plans with this feature included. But, there can be providers which offer plans with this feature excluded or are offered with extra charges.


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